WHOLESALE SUPPLIERS HUB is a comprehensive B2B online sourcing directory platform that seamlessly connects wholesale suppliers, manufacturers, distributors, and services with retailers, drop shippers, and promotional product buyers. It exclusively caters to the B2B market, facilitating targeted and efficient business interactions.

Our platform was designed to help businesses gain equal exposure in a cost-effective way. A small fee is required to cover our expenses and invest in marketing efforts. Our core belief is rooted in equality, regardless of a company's size or financial resources. We do not engage in sponsorship, ensuring that everyone is provided with the same opportunities. Furthermore, our ranking system is solely based on search keywords, giving you complete control. What sets us apart, in addition to our mission, is the superior quality of our listings, enriched with a wide range of features such as video, multiple pictures, and keywords. These features not only enhance SEO on our platform but also across the internet. Currently, we exclusively accept wholesale suppliers and services from the United States, Canada, Europe, and Australia.

At WHOLESALE SUPPLIERS HUB, safety and health are our top priorities. All companies listed on our platform are required to make payments to retain their business listing and are expected to maintain a good standing. Any complaints against suppliers are promptly addressed, and appropriate action is taken, including their removal from the platform. While we encourage buyers to exercise caution when establishing new business relationships, we also urge them to notify us if they encounter any issues. Registration is not mandatory for searching the site, but creating an account allows buyers to add potential suppliers to their wish list for future contact. We kindly request both parties to demonstrate mutual respect and professionalism.

As technology evolves, we strive to remain at the forefront. We wholeheartedly welcome feedback and suggestions. Let us work together to create an environment that fosters fairness and transcends the confines of greed.

About Founder


My name is Sunchea Phou, a survivor of the Cambodian genocide. I have worked in the garment manufacturing industry for three decades and in wholesaling for over a decade. Some of my notable projects involved creating a medical device for NASA astronauts and engineering NFL uniforms, including those used by the Seattle Seahawks during their Super Bowl victory. I left the industry to start my own company, YAY NOVELTY, with the goal of providing support for Cambodian genocide survivors and promoting wellness and sustainability through lifestyle products. Recognizing the difficulties faced by small brands, including my own, in this tough economy with limited resources and financial constraints, I made the decision to create this platform that offers equal opportunities at an affordable price.